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So, three things:

1) People are totally saying things like that about Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran (I say that about them). Also, I don’t like any songs where people whine about their exes, regardless of gender.

2) If you’re gonna call yourself a feminist and your songs don’t pass the Bechdel test, we’re gonna have a problem. Your songs feature some whiny, dependent discourse that is just yucky.

3) All your songs are about ex-boyfriends.

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Animal workout spam.

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I did my own version of my favorite Vampira picture from the 50’s 🎃 

Oh wow! Im really impressed!
You did a great job! <3

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CM Punk + Nerdist

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twit light, the dark and mysterious story of Lord Byron

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that was the best thing I have read in about 10 years.

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